Natural Hair weave business in USA

If you are a salon owner, a beauty bar owner, a Luxy hair extensions shop owner, or you just want to start a hair business from scratch, here are few things you need to know before start the hair business.


Hair quality is everything for the business. 

In weft hair extensions business, your business only gets better and better only if you have regular return customers, and they want to spread the word about the product, you might heard that it takes 10 times effort to get a new customer than to keep an old one, so trust me, even you have a good location shop, a nice salon that have thousands customers, the bad hair will ruin all this advantage.


 Find a trust worthy hair wholesale vender. 

There are ten thousands of hair wholesale venders on the market but you need to find the one you trust, it doesn’t need to be a big company, find the one match up with your own business and you can trust them. We can’t tell you which one is good but below things are what bad venders do:


Brag their hair is 8/9/10 A grade, trust me there is actually no standard of hair grade, 10A just looks better on numbers but actually means nothing 

Tell you their hair is cheap. Always remember the good quality cost money, if someone give you a extremely low price, you can 100% sure that the hair quality is cheap too. Compromise on quality. Trying to convenience you sell lower quality hair means they can earn more money for lower quality than higher quality. Give you big discount and lot of gift. Remember that you are paying all the gifts and discount always goes together with quality compromise

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