how to achieve the maximum lifespan of Natural hair weave

Hair extensions is valuable item. Not only form and economical point of view but from a personal point of view too. They instantly and drastically change the way we look and feel about ourselves. So it's only natural to for every hair replacement wearer to eventually ask themselves: "how long does a virgin human hair last?". Well, keep reading to find the answer to this question.Now, let's state the obvious first: this entry is all about hairpieces made with human hair. We've already talked about how to achieve the maximum lifespan of a hairpiece in the past, covering both synthetic hair and human hair hairpieces, but today we wanted to double down on the human hairpiece facts.

Let's answer the main question right out of the gate: 

How long does a human hairpiece last for?
Well, you might have seen this answer coming but, it depends. Now bear with us, because the answer is not that simple. Assuming high-quality materials and a good manufacture process, along with proper care and maintenance, you're looking at an average hairpiece lifespan of around 6 to 10 months or so of daily use.

The word "average" is key on that last statement. A hairpiece lifespan can vary wildly depending on the natural hair weave supplier and the products and techniques used when caring for it, so don't go around throwing your perfectly fine hairpieces into the garbage bin just because they turned 10 months old. Does it still look good? If the answer is yes, then keep rocking your awesome hairpiece!

And now to a more important question:
How to make a hairpiece last that long?
Well, the most important thing is to establish the rules of engagement, if you will. Following these will ensure that your human hair hairpiece will stay in top notch shape for as long as possible:Don't go overboard with the blow dryer usage, and when you do use it, keep it to a cool setting only. This tip cannot be repeated enough, high temperatures can and will damage hair strands. And a hairpiece's hair won't grow back, at least in our current day and age. So, a good rule of thumb is blow dryers are cool, as long as they're cool.Go sulfate-free with your shampoos. Why sulfate free? Well, sulfate, on top of being and irritant (those of you who have been unfortunate enough to get some shampoo on your eyes know what I mean), is incredibly effective at drying hair out of the natural oils that it needs to remain healthy and shiny. So combine sulfate with hair incapable of restocking on those natural oils by itself, and you'll start getting the picture on why you should cut sulfate from your shampoos. Take a look at some of the excellent hairpiece shampoos available on Advent Hair.Make sure your pillowcases are made out of satin or some other friction-minimizing fabric. This goes out for all of you who like sleeping with their hairpieces on. Friction is one of the main causes of hairpiece hair loss. That's why some people find loose hairs on their pillow when they wake up in the morning. The solution? Satin. Have a good deep sleep knowing that your pillowcase and your hairpiece are getting along just fine.

Follow those three simple steps and you're already on your way to extending the lifespan of your hairpieces. Of course, there are other tons of stuff you could always do to make them last for longer, stuff like properly storing them, using leave-in conditioners, and grooming them with the correct brushes and combs, but those three steps are a solid start to long-lasting and natural-looking hairpieces.

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